The Mummy of Canaan

ISBN: 978-1944866990

Paperback: $12.95

Ebook: $0.99

Publisher: CLASH Books

A group of American teens visiting Israel have awakened an ancient curse. Now a mummy walks among them, slaughtering and dismembering them one by one to make himself whole again.

The lead detective on the case scrambles for clues to stop the killings while trying to prevent the gruesome details of the investigation from reaching the public and becoming just another crazed conspiracy theory. Can he put an end to the mummy's killing spree before it's too late or will the land of Canaan be permanently stained red with blood?

Where There Are Dragons: An Anthology of Mixed Emotions

ISBN: 0997900172

Paperback: $12.00

Ebook: $4.99

Publisher: Robber's Dog Pub

Robber's Dog Pub Presents: A genreless anthology for charity. Inside this book there are dragons. Twenty stories and poems from nineteen writers. Stories from award winning veterans to print debuts, each entry is a different genre than the one before it, from literary fiction, to urban fantasy, to bizarro and everything in between. The only thread that ties them all together is the dragons. There is something for every kind of reader in this book. Proceeds from all sales will be going to support Suicide Prevention and Awareness. 

The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook

ISBN: 1944866086

Paperback: $12.95

Ebook: $3.99

Publisher: CLASH Books

Drop your dreidel and feast your eyes on the Anarchist Kosher Cookbook!

Maxwell Bauman's debut collection of strange Jewish-themed stories will shock and entertain with a modern twist on burning bushes, virgin ghosts, leviathans, Baphomitzvahs, and how to create your own golem to fight off Neo Nazis. These stories transcend the mundane meshuggahs of life through page turning plots and memorable mensch and schmuck characters. The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook is the perfect Bubbe approved Chanukah gift.

Refurbishing Eden:

Exploring Adaptations of Adam and Eve


Ebook: $0.99


What has to happen for an old story to become fresh and engaging again? One example of a myth that has been retold and modified is the story of creation and Fall of Man, which appears in the first three chapters of Genesis from the Old Testament. This essay looks into the different methods and tools that writers need to make a retelling of a story fresh and engaging for modern audiences.

Graven Image: Part 1: Sculpt Me

ASIN: B0149D90PO

Ebook: $0.99


"Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image..."


Something strange is happening in Dobbs Ferry. Bizarre murders are happening more frequently in this tiny New York town. High school student Stewart Kadmon never expected to be drawn into the violence and chaos. But Stewart finds a bull's-eye on his back after receiving an odd lump of clay and a Polaroid of a jazzman. Filled with suspense and horror, "Sculpt Me" is the first part in the supernatural thriller series GRAVEN IMAGE.

Dinah, Won't You Blow?


Ebook: $1.99​


Dinah, Won't You Blow? is a comedic novel set in the Hudson Valley of the Headless Horseman and other Washington Irving-inspired characters. Hershel Ostropoler, Station Master of the soon-to-be-closed Metro North stop Helm-on-the-Hudson, gets caught with his pants down in his fight against the Devil. In the village of fools, Hershel’s beloved, Lexie Lox, and her uptight grandmother, Mrs. Mandelbaum, have been in a fight to keep the Devil out of Helm — and the train station is their battleground. Hershel must come to grips with his destiny and rally to protect Lexie and his hometown against waves of wild beasts, bureaucrats and bandits, prisoners and satanic mascots. Or will dark secrets from our hero's past be Helm's undoing?


Published by Dynatox Ministries

Paperback: $20.00


This is a bizarro novella about a teenage girl, a demon, and a Bat Mitzvah.

This 55-page novella is being printed exclusively for KrallCon 2016. You can purchase it here if you cannot attend. All profit goes toward funding the convention.

Limited to 20 copies. (Not counting the ones available at KrallCon)


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