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Coming Oct 6th, 2022 from Aggadah Try It, an imprint of Madness Heart Press:

Honorable mention in the 2020 Wonderland Book Awards for Best Novel

The Mummy of Canaan: Author's Preferred Edition:

A group of American teens visiting Israel have awakened an ancient curse. Now a mummy walks among them, slaughtering and dismembering them one by one to make himself whole again.

The lead detective on the case scrambles for clues to stop the killings while trying to prevent the gruesome details of the investigation from reaching the public and becoming just another crazed conspiracy theory. Can he put an end to the mummy's killing spree before it's too late or will the land of Canaan be permanently stained red with blood?


The book being republished with the ending originally intended by the author.

Pre-order today!

Coming 2023 from Aggadah Try It, an imprint of Madness Heart Press:

The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook
Finalist in the 2018 Wonderland Book Awards for Best Collection

Maxwell Bauman's debut collection of strange Jewish-themed stories will shock and entertain with a modern twist on burning bushes, virgin ghosts, leviathans, Baphomitzvahs, and how to create your own golem to fight off Neo Nazis. These stories transcend the mundane meshuggahs of life through page turning plots and memorable mensch and schmuck characters. The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook is the perfect Bubbe approved Chanukah gift.


The collection is being republished with several new stories!

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