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Graven Image

Part of Madness Heart Press's Pocket Book Collection Series 2 Bundle


"Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image..."


Something strange is happening in Dobbs Ferry. Bizarre murders are happening more frequently in this tiny New York town. High school student Stewart Kadmon never expected to be drawn into the violence and chaos. But Stewart finds a bull's-eye on his back after receiving an odd lump of clay and a Polaroid of a jazzman. Filled with suspense and horror, "Sculpt Me" is the first part in the supernatural thriller series GRAVEN IMAGE.

Also included in the bundle:

  • Bestial by Lucas Mangum: Some things are not meant for polite society. Some things are meant for the woods.

  • Congratulations on Your Hatred by Charles R. Bernard: On Huemul Island, something has awakened. Its creator left a message… and a mission.

  • Babble by Douglas Ford: Young Sammie’s childish speech impossibly seems to consist of Latin. Evidence of possession, or the consequence of a trauma his mother experienced long ago in a remote polar region?

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